Internacional area

A department which provides customised advice on international trade to meet your requirements”.

Global CityOur sound knowledge of international markets and jurisdictions allows us to offer you the best advice in the complex process of international business expansion. We analyse potential markets and implement the most appropriate structure in the country, to satisfy your expectations and needs.

Our status as international trade consultants enables us to set up new companies in any jurisdiction in all parts of the world, through external partners located in the country in which our customers wishes to expand: Europe, Africa, America or Asia.

Our standing as international consultants allows us to provide counselling about purchases of goods or commercial, financial or real estate assets, with great professionalism and transparency, in the country that best suits your business or investment needs. We can also establish the necessary relations with embassies and consulates and with the foreign network of Spanish chambers of commerce, among others.

newyork2Tax and corporate planning to optimise taxation, in strict compliance with national and international legislation.

Guillén Assessors has sufficient experience and knowledge about the current Free Trade agreements and the benefits and advantages they can bring for your exports or imports.  Moreover, we offer advice for the purpose of ensuring profitability and bringing maximum value to your products.